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certain fungus protects wood from rotting if the wood is coated with olive oil. Editor’s Notes: I always read through these “studies” with reservations. Linseed oil was a main ingredient in outside coatings marine, deck, fence, siding, etc. for centuries the “oil” in many oil-based coatings .

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no clue that the foundation of your house is falling apart. Unless you understand what you are searching for, house stumps might look ok from the outside, while inside the wood could be degrading rapidly due to bugs and

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which one will be the best for you for upgrading your skill. The internet is full of options where you can go through the different plans available and choose the best one as per your requirements. What to consider? Before you start your search of the best wood plan, the most important thing that you need

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re not working with the ones of the best quality. What to Look for in a Fence If you’re in a market for a fence, it is highly advised that you always buy the commercial-

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coming in at and take care of it outside. We take care of problems so you don’t have too. Simply Put, We Are the local professionals Joe Wood-Pest Management Professional. 575 434-1076 Susan Wood-Office Manager and Pest Management Professional. 575 434-1076 Were There for You Training and edu ion in this industry is the best way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. I

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and might cause damage inside your house. The best alternative for this is building a dog fence, so they can have fun outside and exercise themselves while you are away from

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ice break, pipe style snow guard, bar snow fence, ColorGard , X-Gard , SnoRail and SnoFence . No matter what it is called, they all serve the same purpose, but their effectiveness in a given circumstance varies. Will cheap snow guards get the job done? Cheap snow guards are a short term solution for a long term problem. It is best to invest in a quality snow guard the

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Country Estate products attempts to find the very best independent, professional dealer/installer what that means for you. Don't Forget the Gate View our

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she’s right and I have to curb what I talk about for the most part around her. I guess that is why Mat Best and his crew of brothers in arms accompanied by his hot sidekicks make me laugh. He takes all that is good from the different services and tweaks them into pure self-depre ion, highlighting the flaws we all see from the outside. These videos are made by Vets and understood


it’s too frightening for them, too dangerous for us, which is why, here at the outside. “Are you OK, Tilda?” Marie asks, concerned, probably

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and easily broken material such as nail-free wood, nonferrous metal, plastic, and fiberglass. Rip Fences This is a component that will guide the circular saw and let them to rip large sheets. The rip fences are usually fit a specific saw brand and model. Therefore, you need to check the band saw reviews carefully to have the best band saw for yourself. Here are the basic things you should

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your won weblog. My web-site: zarrah Reviews what is the best place for a personal loan February 4, 2019 at 3: make some plans for the future and it what is the best place for a personal loan time to be happy. I

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for any size job. > Learn More about our Wood, Composite, Decking and Fencing Products Find a Reputable and Trustworthy Lumber Company No matter what your need is, we are sure that we can help you. We have been Denver’s top choice for construction products for over 25 years. One very important thing to us is providing quality materials at reasonable prices. We search high and low to bring you the best for whatever project you are working on. It

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The key for board members is always doing what is truly best for children instead of looking out for getting reelected.

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before the perform ever commences. Gates: A nice wood gate is another method to include course, class, and a contact of privateness for your property or office environment. Most joinery companies will likely not only understand how to place all of it collectively in a very good quality fashion, but additionally what seems best for that house in problem. Never be scared

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up. So in the end, covering the exposed wood is not suggested. So what’s the best way to stop carpenter bees from drilling new which to nest. Remember, the decaying wood is what attracts them and wood in the ground is easy for them to “smell” and target. The good news

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goal is not for the good of all, what is best for the people or the country, but rather is gratitude and hope—and I do hope the best now for Calvins. He has paid a great price for his error, and I hope he becomes a positive help to others. I also hope he dies to himself and prefers others as more important that himself—something he had fallen far short of. Now turning back to our subject—negative miracles. In a most dramatic and ongoing manner, this is precisely what Calvins experienced, and it thus far evidences a

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some time to find those things and determine what works out best, but it is worth it for you. Look at what you can work out and know that you’ the added security of noise. When the fence is manipulated, then there’s the a fence, get a good idea of what you want the fence to protect and pick

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a waterfall givesyou. This is why going outside the city for a while is great, not only for yourfurry best friend, but for yourself as well. It helps and healthier than purebreds. These hybrids have the best of every breed they're related to Because shelter animals are healthy You can know this for sure; s and dogs are healthier in shelters than they'd be on the street The primary thing a shelter does for an animal they've taken responsibility for is to screen for health problems and do what must be done to cure the ailment. The

performance. It has turned out to be the best bang for the buck at my QTH. 73RickW3DIY" size="3"> color="black"> THIS IS WHAT JOHN WN4OAA HAS TO SAY ABOUT THE 30

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installing these. Hardwood flooring has many pros going for it. One of the biggest of these is that it is spectacularly beautiful. No matter what type of wood you put in, you’ll probably be able that know what they’re doing, and the best way to ensure that’s what you get is to work with cleaners that have been working in their field for a long time. The more buildings they’ve

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Results of the soil analysis will guide you for what you need to add to correct the pH and boost deficient nutrients. A soil rich with organic matter is considered to be best for plant growth. It is a good gardening

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are left alone too long. If you work outside the home full time, a pig is really not the best pet for you. They do not do well closed up 1/8 cup at feeding is not sufficient for him. What I usually do is offer several snacks of veggies throughout the day, along with grazing outside when possible. Veggies are healthy for him. Don’

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you are considering the use of a conventional wood fireplace for heating your home, understand that this may not be the best route. A lot of the warm air is released into the chimney. Also, a wood fire

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poker online as it is also interesting and best for you to earn money just by staying at home. Sometimes what happens is that an individual gets easily affected and gets various website hosts of movies. With that said, what are some of the best sites for you to enjoy and download movies? Let’s find out below YouTube This site is one of the most popular sites for one

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the big picture of the season and decide what the best option for him or her is. More importantly you need to understand the pattern. into the pen, then it’s game over. What is not usually taken into account are a focal point for the traveling coyotes. The pens are a concentration

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and difficult problem, and you are unsure of what to do, read on. Hiring a professional plumber is the best advice we can offer. Specialist Work – Gas Lines For instance, gas lines are an area of plumbing plays a big part in ensuring your space is right for you, but you also have to design the space to suit your local climate, otherwise the best furniture will be of no use. Temperate For instance, if you live in a temperate climate you will very likely be able to enjoy being outside for most of the year, although not always


using their product with gates and other products for different situations. What I like about the Cat Fence-In product Plastic netting attaches to the fence with a thick plastic band which is very effective at keeping s and other critters

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in the wall. Second, it will protect the wood in the wall indefinitely. Thirdly, Boracare will stop most any insect. For the “ best ” possible treatment, use TERMIDOR . It’s unique mode of action is devastating to termites. Basically Termidor uses the “transfer last? HOW TO TREAT TERMITE CONTROL SWARMING TERMITES OUTSIDE AREAS HOLLOW BLOCK WALL VOIDS SOIL TREATMENTS BEST TERMITE from termites? drywood termites in mobile home termites in mulberry tree TERMITE CONTROL termites in fence termite exit tubes buried wood pile termites termite infestation in chair colonial furniture

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professional grade Perlick 48" double tap beer dispenser. Outside, the quintessential white picket fence surrounds the house and enchanting gardens. An inviting patio out back is the setting for summer dinner parties. The generous sized driveway accommodates

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creating these kinds of a large expenditure, it is actually important to make sure you are getting the absolute best which your engagement shots are just what you wished. Initial, look around for photographers that may present you essentially the most be eaten instantly or quickly immediately after preparation. What is a person then to perform using the leftovers of such uncooked food items recipes for beginners? Pre-planning for foods is a person very simple remedy. Do your very best to be aware of simply how much of

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few others are doing about 9/11 truth, is our only chance to survive. Thank you for what you do and all the best wishes as well - A Supporter and Reader in

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that is realistic and can be used. What is the best 3D printer? It will be hard to say because there are a lot of different good brands. What are you going to use the printer for? Are going for mobility? Yes, if you think that these printers are as big as houses, then you will be surprised that some of them can actually be carried on your way to the office. A good example would be the FlashForge Finder. It is basically one of the best 3D printer under $500 . You can easily carry

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would be a Son of David. His throne is forever, He would sit on the throne of David. And she asked for what JESUS came to give the Earth, what He knows to give best, what makes you sit in Nakuru main alter,

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Restoration - Decks, Fences, etc. Topics such as decks, fences, gazebos, docks, furniture, sheds, etc cleaning, stripping, prep and sealing. Sponsored By: 29,104 posts Which is the best carpet c… By freshcleaningsolutions June 6 Wood Siding and Log Home Care Discuss wood siding and

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most beneficial thing about all erosion regulate matting is they are available in rolls which makes them effortless to layout and set up. Tagged prevention of soil erosion , sediment control fence Leave a comment What You Should Really Search For In A Dental Clinic January 23, 2019 January

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inflicted in her life and can not forestall what will happen outside the confines of their little world that is her cluttered apartment. Sarah and Bert battle it out for Eddie’s soul. It is an ugly power

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particular sorts of game controllers are more prominent for certain sorts of game titles and once in a while game players will have beyond what one controller close by so they can useful experience the best of such a game is advertising. Almost certainly participating in your PC game

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the few literary critics with broad name recognition outside academia, took issue with the introduction of my style column for the Austin Chronicle. In my piece , which is really about the Andrzej Zulawski film Possession , I take a potshot at Wood’s 2013 article “Sins of the Father,” which do so. It really is a crushing film. Best, Amy Tagged Althusser , George Steiner , James Wood , Possession , women writers , Zulawski Aug 14 2014 1 Comment Un egorized Skin Is Powerful When It’s Right Next to Yours It shouldn’t take holding a baby in my arms for me to see the events of Ferguson as

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bird seed is a strong attraction for bears. For an expanded general commentary about nuisance black bears in New York see: //www.dec.ny.gov/docs/wildlife pdf/livingwithbears.pdf So, what is the best way to deal with a bear who has

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the washing basket too until a nice drying-outside day, even if that’s another month or longer away. Lazy is good. But I wondered what other strategies people use for reducing the amount of laundry they have to

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Sir John Major,"For 18 years we did what we believed was best for the country. We left our economy stronger than it had been in generations" — 7 years 1 week ago Sir John Major, "It is classically conservative to try to bring our country

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flooring is among the greatest flooring layout options for virtually any . Wood flooring are getting to be far more well-known in most up-to-date years-especially among the many younger homeowners site link . Wooden floors is probably the best in great. These flooring are established to previous

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A MORE EQUAL ONE. That BLACK LIVES MATTERing is a plea for those who refuse to see beyond their own white fences to turn around and take a look outside. That WE the white people WERE NOT HERE


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will not genuinely provide any privateness; if that is your key cause of installing a fence, you’d probably be better off with one more content, such as wood or vinyl. It’s for being stated that chain backlink fencing is just

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keep in mind before starting abackyard project is your family’s safety. Before you plant anything, learn whattypes of plants and yard decorations work best for your family. Prickly bushesand plants such as

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life that seems to be the opposite of what he wanted, enacting, after a fashion, a version when a cavalry unit arrives outside his cabin, and for a long moment he

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costperclick CPC I will want to be looking for. So, let’s say I acquire a product that is getting me a profit. Precisely what should that CPC be” Want to know whatever The Evergreen Wealth Formula from James Scholes say “Oh, generally. , but that’s best if you’re getting change.” That’s not consider when shoppers are looking for the specific best commercial roofing specialist in Salt Lake City limits has to do combined with licensing, any roofing nothing to hide are likely to seek for state certifi ion before they start enjoying business. There is low way that a can trust any kind

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give your pet a furry friend — that is what he is called from the other side of the trilogy — by whistling at Man’s best friend. However, your furry friend from Fable III isn’t happy to sit and wait patiently for one to rub its mind. It jumps at

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to work for someone else. That was the best decision I ever made for myself. But it also means I now work pretty much nonstop with little time for anything else. What extra time I do have, I put into growing Reconnect Rochester . Reconnect is a nonprofit organization doing amazing work to change

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s a Biblical concept. Believe you will get what you pray for, and it is yours, we are promised. It's the underlying principle of the best-seller The Secret. So let's all put

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the part ofyour Higher Selves: they knowwhat they are doing, the less you participate in the madness ofPlanetary Game, the better for you Laughter is the best medicine, laughter takes a pressure from aperson, s the Assemblage Point of theSpirit looks outside the Luminous Ball, which gives s moreUniversal Knowledge. Who will beborn male or depends on our Higher Selves decisions, theymanipulate positions ofour Assemblage Points. And whatthey have been doing for the last hundred years is setting in theirplayers a permanent or temporal

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This article could enable you to determine the best mattress in your money, whatever you needs to be over the search for, and what to glimpse out for. Do your research and generate a spending budget The primary point you ought to do is figure out how much you’re prepared to

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watching the jury. There is one Jewish juror. What is this juror thinking? Finally, the prosecutor addresses the judge: “Your Honor, the United States certainly understands and agrees with your concern, but we also feel that in the interests of justice, it might be best simply for the trial to go forward. And the judge

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mind. 1. You must possess a tip about what sort of cologne you need. fragrance. 3. Decide on the perfume that is going to be of use to you. A

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purty? That is one smooth surface. That's what two years of figuring will do. Here is the Surface Error Analysis for the best axis of the mirror. Never thought I could

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Delhi escorts for Fun kiasharma - 7/8/2019 Best Study Spots outside Your College Finally your exams are near and you are looking for a place which is free from every type of distraction, chaos, gossips,

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perfectly good excuse to explore a little of what it's like on the other side of the gender fence. With A Little Help: Pat McDonald is headed for the Gulf War in 1990 when he meets

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fresh basil, and fresh ground pepper and salt for seasoning. “Delizioso ” Share this: Click to share on Facebook

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Richard Czaplinski 3:15 – 4:45pm Root cellaring is just what the word implies, putting roots and other vegetables and fruits in a cellar for long-term, passive storage. The best results are obtained when attention is given to three things…temperature, humidity and ventilation.

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e., Calcutta. This diatribe about God’s best is only one example but a the proverbial white picket fence, a husband, and 2.3 children and a

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a vile commerce.” Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson What Color is Haitian Jesus? / The Best African American Literary Magazines? / Olbermann Calls Obama A Sellout, Republicans Treasonous / For Love of Liberty M.P. Parameswaran: Thoughts about 516 billion, that figure bears little resemblance to what this country actually spends. According to CDI , if one pulls together all the various and Iraq, and such outlays as veterans' benefits - the figure is around $862 billion for the current fiscal year. Johnson says spending is

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Therefore, if there is any who can believe what I am telling them, or when the time finally comes when they do understand, the correct behavior for such people is to begin to network and plan for the best ways to handle this enormous logistical task. That'

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wanted this to be FUN. And you know what my Grandma said about the “creep in the crowd ” Rules are good. Because And it was We had the best time . . . Lowely, from two doors over and Martha, from across the street, set themselves up to make crepes outside, with blueberries and whipped cream. Not for sale, just to eat Passed out little plates

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property Listing 2149 priced at $15,000.00. For those that are concerned about taxes the property tax on this parcel are more info 2434 Ozark Acres/Williford Woods, Acreage, AR $12,500 This is a unique little property just outside of the city limits of Ozark Acres and

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is incredibly inefficient at sawing anything. It is best used for notching, but that is about it. And the D handle simply makes it harder to use that saw back anyway, so this is what I would consider a bad combination. Moving on to one of my more favored workhorse machetes: Ontario 18in Military Machete The Ontario 18in Military Machete is my go to machete for camping trips and such, it is versatile, tough, and best of all, Cheap I have both the 12in

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FIRE accentuates it PAINT lively washes of fun = Wood, Fire and Paint. Her fun, colorful garden poles and address posts are All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what you favorite type of garden art is and


Horse Training, Ground Work, Group Lessons, Confidence Building For Horse And Rider, Haul-Ins, Riding Lessons, Beginner to Advanced Riders Horse Fence Installers Illinois Fence Company Orland Park, IL Illinois Fence Company is a leading fence contractor business lo ed in Orland Park IL that specializes in the fabri ion and installation of wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fences across the

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chef Scott Cooper, a self-taught chef, swung for the fences when he opened the bigger and grander Jackson’s Food Drink in nearby El Segundo. Dine review continued click on picture above ART BEYOND THE GLASS IV THE YEAR’S BEST DRINKING EVENT IS BACK I often say that the month of

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Founders. Another good friend of mine gave the best description of pure democracy I have ever heard. "Democracy," he concluded, "is three wolves and a sheep sitting down to vote on what to have for dinner." The rights of the sheep in this

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in the effort. Johnny Benson then pulled past Wood and set out to ch finish. Our weekend in general, this is the truck we won a couple of races

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acting, and some take much longer. What’s best for you, however, depends on your preferences and needs.As with every supplement you take, the most important thing to consider when dosing CBD is your personal experience. What works for others might not work for you.


overcoming joy. What we ended up with was what Colorado sounds like. An Colorado is a virtual feast for the senses, a visceral masterpiece. It invited me

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of hearing. Aren’t those illustrations just the best? Resources/Findings: Help students chose a page of illustration and write about it. What do they see and what do they think is happening? Ask students to draw their own invented animals. They can then create unique names for their animals. Write a poem about them. During


this week called the Boston Fence Guide. It is a blog and video on how one customer decided on which fence company Email Marketing You Can Trust FenceTech 2018

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to wait for anything she wanted. She plays outside in the cold wind, and keeps hearing about Spring, wondering what it will be – and then as it begins, she immerses herself in learning how to care and nurture for the secret garden she discovered hidden on the manor grounds. It is the perfect listen for March. All the eager

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rest 70 % of the price when the apartment is finished and with permission to use buyer what would best suit his choices. We do recommend the investment

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birds are peeps if you get peeps the best place to keep them is in a coop till at least4-5 months for size and for birds to know this is the home base for them plus it helps to not loose any during the day or night if have chicken wire fence for fencing.Not much can get in and

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John Adams It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first." Ronald Reagan "Expect the best, prepare for the worst, capitalize on what comes" "Tell me and I forget - Teach me

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