Concept design, business case, preliminary design and design and construction through an ECI delivery mechanism of the North Ward Road between Ingham Road, Garbutt and Walker Street, Townsville City.

The project involved 4 laning of the existing 2 lane urban alignment.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Project Cost approx. $60 Million

Project Achievements:

  • Urban highway design within a heavily constrained road corridor.
  • Development of design solutions sympathetic to accommodating construction under traffic (20,000vpd).
  • Complex public utility plant constraints requiring realignment and reconfiguration.
  • First ECI RAMP style project delivered in Northern Region.
  • An integrated FCG and Coffey Geotechnics team dealt with the following issues on site:
    • Major earth retaining structures.
    • Rock excavation for services and drainage.
    • Stability analysis of major rock cutting.
    • Assessment of impacts on Cathedral Foundations due to explosive breaking of rock.
    • Stability analysis and design of 10m high retaining wall.
  • Delivered under tight budget constraints.